Morgan, BoomerNA's ex, has come forward about the situation

2022.01.17 19:58 Ewoutk Morgan, BoomerNA's ex, has come forward about the situation

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2022.01.17 19:58 mateyapfc learning the padeži

hey, new here. im the son of two yugoslav immigrants so I can understand serbo-croatian fairly well, also developed some vocabulary now that Im really cracking down on my Serbian. My problem is with stringing sentences together and holding a conversation past the level of greetings and talking about the weather(due to my lack of knowledge of the padeži). so how would I go about learning them? I figured that trying to learn all the cases somewhat simultaneously is difficult and discouraging, so I should learn them one by one. Which case(s) are the most important to learn first? thanks guys.
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2022.01.17 19:58 D4rks3cr37 Black magic

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2022.01.17 19:58 Icaro_2006 Achou oq?

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2022.01.17 19:58 topolojack Problem with bluetooth since the most recent update?

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone else is experiencing [title]. I regularly use bluetooth headphones on solus, which have worked seamlessly until the most recent update. Now, if I turn my headphones off (or turn off bluetooth on my pc), I am unable to turn bluetooth back on, and I need to restart my pc for bluetooth to work again.
Happy to provide more info if any interested soul wants to help.
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2022.01.17 19:58 Inside_Willingness45 Awaiting appeal response

I’m waiting to hear back about my appeal for my scholastic disqualification and having a hard time reigning in my anxiety. Any tips on how to deal with the limbo phase where I don’t yet know what direction my future is going?
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2022.01.17 19:58 kevinloi the music is just too good

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2022.01.17 19:58 bajodeagua Why are you either freezing cold or boiling hot when you are sick with the flu?

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2022.01.17 19:58 LSDPenis Moonshot or Dud?

Kryll volume has bottomed out and price is stagnant. Sell volume looks like it’s going to move or get bought. What do you think?
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2022.01.17 19:58 wuanlai65 Brand New Shiryo - Inu - DAPP based game & NFT’s in development! - Liquidity Lock - Launching Now on BSC

Welcome to Shiryo - Inu

Shiryo - Inu Shiryo - Inu Launching Now on BSC and it seems that play to earn game tokens are still one of the best niches to buy in DeFi! The roadmap details a fully functional trading card based game which will allow for the earning of the native token through different incentives including weekly competitions!
Contract Address: 0xc51519CfF4BBB619DFD22e62ea6eEcda1d274bE8
The team recently released concepts for the trading cards on their Telegram group and their design team has done an amazing job, this is a gem in the making and it is still incredibly early if you get in now. Having only been life for less than 24 hours the token is sitting at just above a $1M market cap which is incredibly low for a play to earn game, the team is really active on Telegram and the holders seem to be diamond handed after seeing the potential in this project!
Everything about this project has been super clean so far, the chart looks good and the website and concepts released so far have been on point.
The whitepaper is to be released today alongside more mockups of the concept for the game, the marketing has been on point with calls from all the biggest names on Telegram and Twitter. The developer even just hired a social media specific marketing agency to help get even more eyes on the project, Shiryo-Inu is about to become synonymous with the likes of Floki and Mononoke - Inu, don’t sleep on this one!

Link Buy
Contract Address: 0x72D89d4afC546AbDDE40220468624Fb6656Ee81F

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2022.01.17 19:58 Dzsuvakabra [For Hire] Professional Essay Writer for Hire

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Let me help you score better grades and meet all your deadlines.
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2022.01.17 19:58 greenascanbe Martin Luther King Jr's "Freedom Budget" For All Americans --- his legislative agenda for ending American poverty in 10 years.

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2022.01.17 19:58 Ilimabean2 [Gen8] My first shiny in BD and on a chain of 15!

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2022.01.17 19:58 _Javier Even in France they would take notice of your bad odor

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2022.01.17 19:58 Jackmac2005 Selling peach shukushuku size small top and bottoms brand new

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2022.01.17 19:58 amDeadInsideYoink Need to cough after surgery

It’s been 5 days since open inguinal hernia surgery and if I cough it feels like I’ve been stabbed over the area. I’m also worried about the coughing rupturing any stitches. Any tips with how to cough without hurting too much or stop coughing?
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2022.01.17 19:58 Jenneviv_Djahani [For Hire] 2D Character Designs | DnD Characters | Webtoons Pages | Portraits and more (infos in the comments)!

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2022.01.17 19:58 puleee Performance difference BabylissPro Foil FX01 and FX02

Has anyone tried both to see if the performance difference is worth the price when only considering personal use? And if it adds to it, just for the neck beard. I couldn’t find anything on Youtube comparing performance of both aside from pointing to the battery difference and two heads vs one. Has anyone tried both? If so, would it be an overkill to get the 02 just for personal use vs the 01 and considering that l'd be trimming before with the Babyliss pro fx gold?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.17 19:58 GehrmanLaGerman09 Spongebob Squarepants, harbinger of wrath and deliverer of vengeance

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2022.01.17 19:58 TheJasonater0001 Upper tier tips for civ 6

My first and last experience with civilization was revolution when it was free on 360. A younger man I was that would play on chieftain constantly and rock 2 cities until the modern age where I would then run 2 armies of tanks and capture evey city. I now return with civ 6 anthology eyes wide and hair on my chest, played on warlord like a true civ master and immediately realized that you have to put effort into playing this game unlike revolution. I now come here to beseech those of you who know how to actually play the game to teach me your Linus Tech Tips on how to be good. Thank you.
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2022.01.17 19:58 HarshPancake There’re not

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2022.01.17 19:58 CountPikmin The Absolute Frustration of People Making Shit Up

Prefacing this with this disclaimer: I have literally no investment in whether people like Vaush or not (relying on individual personalities to push leftism is bad praxis). I could not care less about his moral worth as an individual one way or the other. It could not be more irrelevant.
I was close to tearing my goddamn hair out listening to Vaush go over this nonsense with NonCompete, Luna, etc. These "leftist" personalities are exact same type of people as those in the RSDLP who just accepted using violent and oppressive tactics against the working class during the Russian Revolution. They model themselves after Lenin in that way, which I suppose they would unfortunately take as a compliment.
It is extraordinarily frustrating to deal with people so self-absorbed into their own dogma that they will not see a problem with just making shit up about people they dislike. Primarily, this is most of conservatives. But it is even more frustrating to see it from people who ape the aesthetics of leftism while doing nothing to promote it.
If you're one of these people potentially trawling this subreddit as a part of some strange self-flagellating hatewatch exercise: Consider the social circle that you have put yourself in. When you just have to uncritically accept every negative thing said about people and ideas the group dislikes, no matter how asinine or unfounded it is, is that a place you want to be? It shouldn't be. If they'll do it to other people, they'll have no problem turning on you for arbitrary or petty reasons when it suits them.
These online spaces (whether that's forums, discords, or even IRL friend groups) are about personality, aesthetics, and entertainment first. They are not about promoting Revolution, or destroying capitalism, or whatever. If they were, they would not have interacted with Vaush in any way in the first place.
(I would say this criticism applies to Vaush's community as well in many ways, particularly the hyperfocusing on personality and aesthetics, although I won't discount that the fundraising done here has had a positive impact.)
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2022.01.17 19:58 snookers [USA-CA] [H] Intel i7 8700k, AMD Ryzen 3700x, Formd T1 v1.1 case [W] Paypal

Formd T1 case has never been built and is NIB, but not sealed: ordered a black and a silveblack, built the silveblack instead, only opened to inspect.
Both CPU's in working order with no issues. 48 States only, no trades.

Item Price
Formd T1 v1.1 w/ PCIE 3.0 Riser $200 Shipped
Intel i7 8700k $160 Shipped
AMD Ryzen 3700x, no Wraith Cooler $200 Shipped
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2022.01.17 19:58 CloudyDino The Real King's Gambit

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2022.01.17 19:58 _ducksinthewind_ Looking for someone I met on Reddit who bought a business in Las Penitas a year to year and a half ago.

I deleted my username and I don't know how to find you!! You had just bought a small hotel/hostel in the las penitas area and I was thinking of buying in the area too.
Anyways - I'm hoping to travel at the end of the year and wanted to check in and see how you're doing and stay!
my username was "rockgodes" - PM if you're still around!!
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