Hilarious But Scary: #Idiocracy2022 Is Here

2022.01.17 19:30 PostNewsEra Hilarious But Scary: #Idiocracy2022 Is Here

Hilarious But Scary: #Idiocracy2022 Is Here https://futurenews.news/watch?id=61e4db20b171b17a498bd598
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2022.01.17 19:30 CIDLingard A song I wrote about the food item bento box.

I wrote a song about the bento box combo at the mall near me. I think it’s pretty cool lol https://soundcloud.com/zoloftmodels/ill-have-my-bento-box-combo some guy was a little rude to me on the ableton forum about it but I shall not be discouraged. Be gentle I’m sensitive about my stuff !
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2022.01.17 19:30 SmileIvana 8756 9543 8394 please

8756 9543 8394 please
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2022.01.17 19:30 DEFI_Matt Things im looking forward to in Q1 -SaaS/DeFi Tools Initiatives -Partnerships -Exchange Listings -Enhanced Merch Offering -NFT Collection -P2E Gaming Announcement

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2022.01.17 19:30 Spursmakemecry 23 M, Would love to chat? To Someone?

Umm, Hi I am quite drunk rn tbh but, I would like to talk to someone literally about anything. So, shoot me up fellas.
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2022.01.17 19:30 Bela_07 SCPodcast (German)

Idk if some of you Germans know this but there’s an German SCP Podcast on Spotify. New Episodes round about every week SCP auf Deutsch here’s the link
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2022.01.17 19:30 mikerooker REO Speedwagon - Don't Let Him Go

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2022.01.17 19:30 ReebokBeebok How to safely cook edmame beans?

TLDR: How do I cook frozen edamame beans (preferably in microwave)? And how do I tell if they are safe to eat?
I recently read that edamame beans are toxic to eat raw, and can cause long term health issues, and that all beans should be soaked and cooked until soft. I have always eaten edamame slightly hard. Looking back, I have no idea how to tell if they are safely cooked.
I buy edamame frozen, and I usually microwave them. How do I make sure I'm not hurting myself?
PS: I searched for "edamame" in the Cooking search bar to no avail before asking this.
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2022.01.17 19:30 SleazePipe I sketched Marin Kitagawa's facial expressions using a ballpoint pen lol

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2022.01.17 19:30 D33qBlue72 RIP Bob Ross, a true King

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2022.01.17 19:30 Held_Der_Steine Successful at only age 19!

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2022.01.17 19:30 FancyIT Old city Travnik shrouded in a blanket of a fog [OC] [3265X3265]

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2022.01.17 19:30 die_methylsulfoxide What is up with techs doing these skinny nub nails? I asked him multiple times to not make them any skinnier (you can see where he clipped my natural nail to make it thinner) and he responded by cutting me :/ I’m tired of spending $60 for nails that lean over and I have to fix when I get home.

What is up with techs doing these skinny nub nails? I asked him multiple times to not make them any skinnier (you can see where he clipped my natural nail to make it thinner) and he responded by cutting me :/ I’m tired of spending $60 for nails that lean over and I have to fix when I get home. submitted by die_methylsulfoxide to Nails [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 19:30 choccakeandredwine When to start job searching?

I’ve been in education 4 years, but I think I’m bowing out for a while after this year. I have a degree and work experience in something else so that’s what I’m looking to do. Ideally I’d like to move to the new position at end of May. What’s a good time to start actively looking?
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2022.01.17 19:30 joebmaster Every time I capture FPS drops start what to do

Every time I capture a Triple-A game FPS drops start what to do
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2022.01.17 19:30 UnicornNippleFarts Luxuries to the classes!

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2022.01.17 19:30 bigchungusreddit2 yes

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2022.01.17 19:30 TheOnlyZro The Grind Begins for Obey Alliance #ObeyZro

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2022.01.17 19:30 Vegetable-Flounder-7 Entitled farmer doesnt want us to use the gate on our property.

Entitled Farmer doesn’t want to share a gate that is on the property line.
TLDR in the last paragraph This is my first post on Reddit. English is my first language and I am typing this on a my phone.
I am a 38m and the following events took place when I was about 12. So details will be few but I will share what I know.
Background: I grew up in a semi developed area. Back when my Grandparents (on my mother’s side) first purchased the land the area was fairly rural but over time a neighborhood grew up around them. As their children grew up my grandparents decided to divide the property they owned into several parcels and gave each of their kids a plot of land. My grandpa was also a house mover (Note: Moving the actual buildings from one location to another. Not moving people/belongings from one house to another) and so helped them move houses from an area that was slated to be demolished to build a highway onto the new parcels.
I grew up with all my immediate neighbors being my family. As time marched forward my aunts and uncles moved to new locations as their housing needs changed. (IE: new job, more kids than rooms, etc.)
As they moved out the new neighbors were pulled into the environment and became close family friends as we were all friendly and it gave the area a small town feel even though, by this point, we were part of a larger city now.
One day one of these new neighbors had gotten his realtors license and was constantly approaching my parents with “amazing opportunities” to purchase land as an “investment.”
My parents, being good friends with this neighbor, didn’t want to offend him by telling him that they weren’t interested and would never be interested decided to instead give him a long list of requirements for the type of property that they would be interested in buying. The list included: * It needed to be within 2 hours driving distance * It needed to be away from any major cities * It needed to be within 5 min of a nearby town * You shouldn’t be able to see said town * It had to be at least 1 acre (about 4000 sq meters) * It needed a stream running through it.
There were other requirements but I don’t remember them all. The only other requirement that my parents gave this family friend was that it had to be at a price so low they figured they had sent him off on a unicorn hunt.
1 week later he came back with their unicorn.
In the past a less than scrupulous realtor had a client that wanted to invest in land. This realtor had sold him bits and pieces of mostly useless land. Think thousands of acres chopped up into into useless chunks. IE: a couple of acres on the side of a mountain so steep that you couldn’t build on it. Or a few acres that could be used but was land locked by other owners without any access to it. After he passed on, his daughters were selling this land to get what they could for it.
The “unicorn” property was one of the few that was accessible and flat enough to be usable with enough slope to keep the stream running through it from being a flood hazard. The surrounding land was used by farmers that raised sheep or turkeys. Most of these farmers own thousands of acres so when the realtors selling had approached them about possibly buying 3 acres, they all dismissed it as not worth their time (this is important later).
My parents, after some serious discussions with each other over what to do, decided to buy the property. After all, it was an opportunity that was too good to pass up and the number that my parents had given was within their means even if it was a stretch on their finances.
They did everything by the books. An independent survey was conducted and the surveyor drove stakes into the ground at all 4 corners of the lot. (it ended up being about 3 acres of land).
Now the survey was off from some of the fences in the area as those fences had been done informally by the farmers as a way of keeping livestock from wondering off.
My family consists of my parents, me and my 3 siblings. Us kids were just old enough to be of help on construction projects and as my parents didn’t have extra cash to pay a contractor to build the house, they decided that instead of taking a camping trailer we had out camping they would instead park it on our new property and develop the land ourselves. (This property was now our vacation property)
As we laid out the where the fence lines would be. We noticed that the neighbors gate to access his property was mostly on our side of the property line but some was on his side as well. Now we had used this gate to get in as this gate was locked by a chain that had several locks on it to allow multiple people access and my parents with the purchase had received a key to one of the locks on the gate. My parents decided to fence up our property but leave a big enough gap that anyone with a lock could open this gate and drive through to the neighbor’s land. Here is where the story starts.
Cast: Mom: my mom Dad: my dad EF: Entitled Farmer
We were doing most of the work on the weekends as my dad still had his regular job to work. We started putting up fence on Friday evening. Slept in the trailer, got up on Saturday finished putting up the rest of the fence and had planned on just enjoying Sunday.
Mid-day Sunday the neighbor showed up and started opening his gate. As my dad had run into town for something, my mom decided to go and introduce herself and make sure that the gap we had left was big enough for his access needs.
All dialog is approximate:
Mom: "Hi, you must be our neighbor. We’re the ones who bought this property. We live up in the city and bought this as a vacation property. I just wanted to introduce myself and make sure that we left you enough room for any equipment you might need to get through this gate as we won’t always be here if it becomes an issue."
EF: "Your property line is off. If you look at the fence on the far side there you’ll see that you are taking more than your share. You need to remove your fence."
Mom: “We wondered about that too when we first saw the surveyor’s stakes. But we’ve had a survey double checked and it was done based the town center. We were also assured that all marks are within 3 inches (about 7.6cm) of true.”
Note: we could roughly divide our property into thirds using existing land markers. One third was on the other side of the stream, one third from the stream to where the old fence would have continued if it hadn’t made a 90° turn, and the last from the old fence line to the new fence we had just put in.
EF: “That can’t be right.”
Mom: “You’re more than welcome to have it double checked if you want.”
EF: “I use this stream to water my sheep and if the property line is that far off from the old fence line in your favor it easily could be that far off in the other direction. So, all the land to the stream is mine. You need to get off.”
Mom: “We purchased 3 acres worth of land and what is left on the other side might be 1 acre but there is no way it’s 3. The survey can’t be off by that much.”
I think this surprised EF as my mom had said we were from the city and he didn’t expect us city slickers to know what an acre is. And he decided to change tactics.
EF: “Even if the original property line was where you say it is, it doesn’t matter now. The law says that if something is treated as the property line for X number of years then it becomes the property line.” (Now this is true, however it must be treated as the property line by all owners involved in order to become the line in fact. I believe the reasoning for this law was to keep surveys that historically wandered a bit due to old surveys being less accurate than new surveys from causing too many property disputes. As the man who had owned this property before us had never been here, he couldn’t have agreed to treat anything as the property line.)
EF: “Since the fence and the stream has been used as the property line for my property for at least 20 years now it definitely qualifies and so all this land is mine no mater what your survey says.”
Mom: “Look, we’re not going to block your access to the stream. We won’t be here most of the time, so it won’t bother us if you drive your sheep through this access gap and water your animals. Also, as long as we can keep using this gate, we won’t close up the gap and both of us can use it. You for your property and us for ours.”
I don’t remember what he said if anything after that, but he got in his truck and drove off into his property.
(Another thing to note is that this gate and road wasn’t the primary access to his property it was more of a convenient way to get to this part of his land. If the earth opened up and created a canyon along the fence line the gate was on, he would still have access to all of his property.)
We went home at the end of the day so my dad could work his normal work week. The next weekend, when we got back down to our vacation property, we found that EF had ripped out our fence line where the old dirt track crossed it and piled it up on along the old fence.
We got to work putting it back in place. My dad decided that if that was how EF was going to behave he would stop trying to accommodate him. We finished fencing in our property right into the middle of his gate. We added our own gate next to it on our property.
Also, the work we had originally planned on getting done this weekend was to dig a trench for the foundation of the home we were building. My dad decided that we would use the old dirt track (that ran through the middle of our property) as the driveway.
He dug the trenches so that the foundation would be centered on the dirt track. The extra dirt and rocks dug up? He put it right on the dirt track at the edge of our property so that, even if EF ripped out the fence, he still wouldn’t be able to drive there. The EF did rip up our fence again and confronted my dad about the land “being his” but by then my parents had consulted a lawyer and knew that there was nothing the EF could do.
Once my parents had the lawyer send a “Cease and Desist” letter we never heard from him again.
In the end, instead of sharing a gate and herding his animals through the access point to water them with the stream on our property. He decided to destroy our fence. As a result, his access was closed, and he needed to pay to buy water rights to water his animals.
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2022.01.17 19:30 Mauricio_Cassemiro 🖥️ Assista meu novo vídeo “Novo Outlook para Mac”: https://youtu.be/xGw9v2UiGS8

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2022.01.17 19:30 Rajoni_prakuror Meme iš FB grupės ,,anekdotai" tai nepulkit

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2022.01.17 19:30 411550n eles o que?😧

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2022.01.17 19:30 Jjjrrr12 Trouble downloading an update for Windows 10

Hi All I have an error saying "Your version of windows has reached the end of service" i tried downloading windows 10 update assistant but that didn't help.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.17 19:30 greenturtleblue 24M - Looking to make new long-term friends!

Hey Hey im from Aus :) just looking for some new people to talk so if youre bored and feel like a chat you should hmu! Im in the office most days so replying should be relatively quick.
Ahhh heres some things about me:
-Im 24. 25 this year
-Im from Aus but you probably wouldnt know it if you seen me. Im half Kiwi (Maori) and quater Filipino.
-Im super into music. Creating it, Playing it, Listening to it... So if you have any reccomendations totally throw them my way! Im currently listening to CYNE, Nujabes and Uyama Hiroto. Loveeee the melodies they come up with. Extra points if you play guitar, maybe we can jam sometime!
-Recently got a job in REAL ESTATE which im enjoying a lot! I hope to be a successful agent and make some money from it. But dont get me wrong im not entirely in it for the cash because I genuinely enjoy make interaction with people/clients.
-Im a pretty relaxed and easy going person. I try not to judge people based on their looks or views on certain things like politics, social status or other opinions. In fact I think its interesting when people have opposite/differing opinions of mine.
-I'd like to try and read so any reccomendations would be super helpful. I think a good Sci-Fi/Cyber Punk read is what im lookng for :)
- I live with 3 roomates, 2 of them being a couple. Im not that into video games which I say because most people on here are but im no stranger to a couple games here and there.
- Finally im trying to get back into an active lifestyle. Eat healthy (on a budget), going for early morning runs and sign back into the gym so if you have any tips that would be great!
Feel free to PM me if you think we'd get along
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2022.01.17 19:30 Downtown-Plenty-9832 trying to get snap score up

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