Samantha Fox skin diving

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2022.01.17 20:25 Zennred Samantha Fox skin diving

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2022.01.17 20:25 Pinguino507 [H] 3900 RMB inventory - Looking for Imperial Plaid (FT) or Scarlet Shamagh (FT)

[H] ★ Ursus Knife | Marble Fade (0.02) 1520rmb Tradable !

[H] ★ Hand Wraps | Overprint (0.36) 1354rmb Tradable !

[H] ★ AWP | Electric Hive (0.09) 181rmb Tradable !

[H] ★ MAC-10 | Case Hardened (0.20) 110rmb Tradable !

[H] ★ AK-47 | Legion of Anubis (0.08) 86rmb Tradable !

[H] ★ M4A4 | Royal Paladin (0.11) 74rmb Tradable !

[H] ★ M4A1-S | Moss Quartz (0.05) 51rmb Tradable !

[H] ★ AWP | Sun in Leo (0.08) 43rmb January 28th

[H] ★ USP-S | Monster Mashup (0.21) 29rmb Tradable !

[H] ★ AUG | Carved Jade (0.02) 27rmb Tradable !

[H] Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel (0.07) 21.4rmb January 24th

[H] ★ Easy Peasy Pin 20rmb January 19th [W] Any offers, but looking for Scarlet Shamagh (FT), Imperial Plaid (FT) or Crimson Weave (FT) gloves
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2022.01.17 20:25 _LightOfTheNight_ Spam email added a red flag to make you think you flagged it 🚩

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2022.01.17 20:25 AZeddie19 Factory and Commercial Industrial Park. Everything fully expanded and upgraded.

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2022.01.17 20:25 dimsvm Hitachino Nest Yuzu Lager. One of the cleanest tasting beers I’ve ever had.

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2022.01.17 20:25 ForeignMRE Another water leak in the sub grade short video

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2022.01.17 20:25 akereth Employer asked me to fake covid test

Last year he got a rapid test done and though I warned him it wouldn't be enough, he couldn't travel outside the country.
The place was called Rapid Test Center. So he asked me to Photoshop it so that it just said Test Center. Yeah. With the same address. I obviously declined, to little argument. So he went to a doctor he knew and the doctor faked a covid test for him.
Bonus points, he was on the phone with a supplier in India, and he yelled at her for not understanding, saying "TAKE NOTES. I TOLD YOU TO TAKE NOTES. OH MY GOD. DO I NEED TO SPEAK INDIAN?"
Needless to say I left. He was also demanding I be on call 8am-7pm Mon-Sat, but only paid me for the "actual hours" I would do work, which would be less than 10 a week. what desperation will do to you.
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2022.01.17 20:25 Beliavsky Another Low Blow — Wind Energy Falters (Again)

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2022.01.17 20:25 Reasonable-Plenty-34 [PC] [2000s] Gothic Horror 3d-person Hack and Slash with fighting the undead

Platform: PC windows Genre: 3person, action, horror, hack and slash Release: 2000s Art Style: Gothic, grim, medieval or victorian vibe. Notable characters: a pool of several characters: a woman with a spear and a man with a sword. Hoards of undead, mutants and demons: among which are naked spider people and abominations with hanging organs.
Details: i recollect it as a mix of DMC, Prince of Persia 2 and Resident Evil, where you choose a character and go through somewhat different missions of wiping the evil hoards out. Strong religious undertones, a lot of gore, in fact there were whole settings like insides of some monster.
It starts with a cutscene on a ship, where some insect gets into the mouth of a person aboard. And ends with fighting a big monsteinsect queen or sm like that.
One of the missions were in a victorian mansion, with dark lighting and a storm outside.
Also one of the bosses was an arched upside down ceiling crawling naked spider man demon, with a horrible face.
Been on my mind since late 00s. Came in a most likely bootleg boxset, so can't possibly find it anywhere. Possibly the game is deeply japanese or russian, but I don't remember the localisation at all.
Thats about it. Hope someone knows it😭
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2022.01.17 20:25 lnombredelarosa Theory about the fate of Ozma and Salem's daughters

Okay, so when I first saw Salem and Ozma's backstory and her daughters I wondered: "what was the point of them". I mean, from the backstory it looks like Ozpin took them for death or couldn't find them, probably in part due to his own grief and heartbreak and it could've been a point to make about how much he has lost but if so what wouldn've been the point of showing the girls had inherited their parent's magical abilities, which implies they have an effect on the story. Apparently they didn't left descendants into the Arc family and if their descendants were the silver eyed... well that would make this pretty weird. How could their daughters impact the story then? Well, if what I'm thinking is true, then very directly.
I found it interesting that the kid's magic was revealed right after Salem shared her plans of world domination with Ozma, in a way that almost seemed like he feared his wife would use the girls for it, which reflects how his innitial reaction was to sneak them out and the way Salem reacted looked like she was angry at him for that specifically, meaning that they were important for her and her plans. I don't suppose their seeing her kill off their father did much to endear them to mama Salem other than maybe making them fear her. Now, given Salem's family history I think we can take a guess as to what methods she would use to make sure her daughters stayed loyal, safe and under her watch, namely the one her father did to make sure Salem herself turned out so great: imprisoning them.
In a previous post, I formed a theory about Salem being having been experimenting for quite some time to find a way to mix human and Grimm escence, so what if what inspired this was to eventually infuse the Grimm into her daughters to make them loyal to her which would reflect her words about taking awa the abilities of humans to tell friend and foe appart. I'm thinking that since the girls were indeed mortal she has kept them in suspended animation inside some kind of grimm possibly a couple of years after killing Ozma's first reincarnation and not telling ever telling any of her servants. Once she perfects the methods she plans on infusing them and having them become her generals in her ongoing campaign against humanity.
Considering part of this plan involves capturing the maiden powers, I also think that once she captures all four maiden powers she'll transfer each one of them to one of the four girls, which would be fitting considering this powers originally were Ozma's. This could be what eventually drives Cinder to betray her, which would be interesting because were she thought Salem saw her as her daughter figure and right hand woman, she is actually just another pet to sacrifice for her plans just like any grimm.
Ps: regardless of wheter they're older than him or not I kinda wanna see the girls creferring to Oscar as their dad and him being creeped out.
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2022.01.17 20:25 Comfortable_End3108 Genesect

0766 8208 2766
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2022.01.17 20:25 RecoveryConstruct Nut specs on 2016 Camry battery terminal (clamp side)?

I just replaced a broken positive battery terminal, and found the nut on the negative terminal was sort of rounded so that a 10mm socket wouldn't grip enough to tighten/loosen the clamp. Was able to use a smaller SAE socket at an angle to turn the nut, but I want to replace it. What specs do I look for to replace the nut?
Would also appreciate specs for the nut on the battery clamp's j-bolt, might be damaged as well
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2022.01.17 20:25 BroMandi [Macy's] Briefly Stated Women's Jogger Pants (Star Wars Mandalorian or Friends) $7.93 + SD Cashback + Free Store Pickup at Macy's or FS on $25+ [Deal: $7.93, Actual: $20.00]

[Macy's] Briefly Stated Women's Jogger Pants (Star Wars Mandalorian or Friends) $7.93 + SD Cashback + Free Store Pickup at Macy's or FS on $25+ [Deal: $7.93, Actual: $20.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 20:25 snffali PLAYING APEX LEGENDS ONCE AGAIN

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2022.01.17 20:25 BeerBroth Hey there pops!

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2022.01.17 20:25 MortgagePlenty6026 I need 100 karma pls.

I need 100 karma pls.
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2022.01.17 20:25 westbest1206 Group of children caught in a game

Hi! I really hope someone here knows this book, as it's been on the tip of my tongue for years at this point, and I really like to just find it so I can stop thinking about it.

Published before 2013.

Was read in Danish, but I am very very sure it wasn't originally Danish. I'm also sure the characters had English sounding names.

not part of a series! It was a standalone book.

What I remember of the cover was a drawn scene of the main characters. I'm pretty sure it was night, and they were ready to go to battle or something in the game world. I think there was fire shown somewhere.

It wasn't totally dark, and I think it was aimed towards teenagers aged 13-15 or so, and not YA like ready player one or the like.

I might be wrong about this, since it has been a while, but I think the title was a few short words and had a catchy title, and wasn't a super long title.

It's not Ready Player One. Saying that because I always get someone asking if it's that.

Plot bits I remember:

The characters are all stuck in a gamel world. I'm pretty sure the main character was this one boy (teenager?), and if I remember correctly, he was kind of annoyed or angry at omething, maybe just the world idk, and he then gets sucked into the game alongside a wide array of characters. One of the might be his (depicted as being annoying) little sister, unless she's the sis of someone else.

There's a scene kind of early on where the players meet, and one of them try to kill a monkey in the game, but find that they can't harm the monkeys. An argument then breas out, and I remember someone tries to hurt one of the other players, but find that they can't.

I'm pretty sure that there is a scene in that same bit where someone says something about being hungry and wanting to make some microwave food, and one of the others basically being "where would you plug it in??/ we don't even have a microwave??" or something like that.

At some point, they discover that if you die in game, you're forcefully logged out, and they worry if that means you die in game as well (no you don't, after the conclusion it's said that they went around checking on the characters fro, earlier since they exchangd names or something like that, and they dicove them alive and well, but they couldn't log in again. I don't remember if they gave an explanation, but something in me tells that it's something like their account being corrupted, something happening to what they used to play etc).

At some point, and this is sort of the scene that sticks out strongest other than the monkey scene, they've traveled the world, and meet a tribe in game, where they also meet the creator of the game. I remember that he talked about his invention, and how revolutionary it was, and using things like how it could be used to try on clothing when online shopping. I'm pretty sure he said he used the kids as test subjects.

Something happens so they have to flee, and I remember something like a castle or a fort or something, where they're about to lose, but then the previously mentioned annoying little sister saved the day, by befriending someone that showed them a hidden exit or something like that. I just vividly remember how they wouldn't have won if it wasn't for her.

And that's basically it. I really hope someone knows it, I've been searching for years!
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2022.01.17 20:25 Unikatze Is there any tool to load only your character?

I'm in a bit of an odd situation.
We've been using Foundry to display maps for a while now. When we started playing remotely due to the Pandemic we continued on Foundry using the Forge to host. We've started doing some more games in person with the occasional person joining remotely due to work travel or whatnot, but last session our GM rage quit due to having so many technical difficulties. Most of which were caused by horrible internet where we live. He's decided we'll only be doing in person games from now on.
I still want to use Foundry, and I know lots of players will want to continue keeping track of our characters and loot through it. But I don't want to continue paying Server fees if we're not using it online.
I will move our game locally so I can continue to display the maps. But all the other players don't own Foundry and I'm not sure if there's a way they can just update their character on their own and bring the json file since the server won't be up 24/7 like it was with the Forge.
Any advice is welcome.
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2022.01.17 20:25 Momine05 Zelda my rescue kitty couldn’t be happier! Found her 6 years ago on a cold day in the woods with 7 kittens at her side!

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2022.01.17 20:25 iamcalifw 🚀Sensei Shib - $SENSHIB Ownership Renounced💎 | Utility Ready | Director Doxxed | Low Starting MC 📈 | KYC & Audit Done 🔒| Next 1000x Community Gem 💎 | Bow down to DeFi’s New Ecosystem 🥋|

Sensei Shib a unique and wise master token with powerful utilities!
It is written in the universe that Sensei Shib will appear first on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BNB) via PinkSale, this is where Sensei Shib will follow his destiny, establish his presence and gain his initial following!
Sensei will move like water onto Fantom Opera (FTM) & Ethereum Network (ETH). His inclusion and diversification using multiple networks gives holders the power to choose how they enact their trades, but also readies his goal and his way to creating Sensei-Swap & Ecosystem🔥
🌐 Telegram -
🌐 Pancakeswap :
🌐 Contract : 0xeaDA3541013FeA97981044B15AfC86674D6Ada53
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2022.01.17 20:25 Spektt Im playing NG+ and i cant get out of Elliot Memorial Hospital. Batman Keeps saying that i have to complete the assasin trail, but i already did it. what can i do?

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2022.01.17 20:25 RonMerril Eye, Pixel Art, Me, 2022

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2022.01.17 20:25 No_Biscotti_7110 Photos On Ice

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2022.01.17 20:25 iamcryingrnhelp0 Tier list for schools: boss edition

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2022.01.17 20:25 GuyCarbonneauGOAT [Brooks] Kyrie Irving gave a very long answer about his vaccination status, but he ended with: “I've made my decision already and I'm standing on it.”


Kyrie Irving gave a very long answer about his vaccination status, but he ended with:
"I've made my decision already and I'm standing on it."
[Friedell] One thing is very clear after listening to Kyrie speak postgame today: There is nothing that is going to make him change his mind regarding the vaccine. He’s made up his mind — he’s not going to take it.
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