Got all mtvkay for 10$ cashapp only i have 15 other vids lmk

2022.01.17 19:23 Temporary_Ad4648 Got all mtvkay for 10$ cashapp only i have 15 other vids lmk

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2022.01.17 19:23 Door_Ajar_jar My Senate Predictions (I win in Ohio)

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2022.01.17 19:23 Arnadus Law Decoded: First-mover advantage in a CBDC conversation, Jan. 10–17

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2022.01.17 19:23 uftvybijnobhjvgkn I think I messed up - Brute force attack and port forwarding

Hi, in the past couple of months I set some port forwarding up for game streaming with Moonlight and Parsec. Without knowing I shouldn't have, I also set up port forwarding with remote desktop. About 15 hours ago my AT&T app started logging some events (I have AT&T fiber). AT&T "blocked a brute force attack on Giga-Byt Device. Attacks like these attempt to gain control over devices by attempting multiple passwords until the correct one is found." These notifications stopped about 12 hours ago, when I powered off my PC last night. This morning I saw these alerts and wasn't sure what they meant. I knew I had port forwarding configured and that my PC has a Gigabyte motherboard, so I immediately disabled all my port forwarding configurations and began a full anti-virus scan on my PC. Lesson learned I guess. From what I can gather someone attempted to gain access to my PC/network through my open port, presumably the RDP one. My question is: what should I do now? I'm by no means a network security expert (as you may guess by my previous actions). What do I need to do to assure my network is secure? For the future, I assume that I should stick to something like TeamViewer or configure a VPN if I wish to connect to my PC from out of my network. For now I will keep all of my ports closed. Appreciate the help.
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2022.01.17 19:23 BadgersFan92 Just Started Investing For The First Time, Have Some Questions

Hey, everyone. I just opened an IRA and started investing. This is all very new to me, and right now, I'm totally invested in Schwab's S&P 500 Index Fund (SWPPX). Is this considered a solid avenue to start with when you're in your early-30s?
Would love any information anyone can provide. I did a bunch of reading online and SWPPX and other index funds seemed to get a lot of praise or am I just an idiot. Let me know!
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2022.01.17 19:23 tankietank When do tax documents start coming in from last year?

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2022.01.17 19:23 rxnwick Didn't appreciate the messaging behind Total Football by Parquet Courts before making this poster for it!

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2022.01.17 19:23 Fit_Requirement1844 CcFullz , dumps , cardable sites ect.👨🏾‍💻 (that one y’all can have for free dm) $30

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2022.01.17 19:23 iccaecumsa ⭐ PrinceFloki | Just Launched | 7% $Floki rewards to holders | locked liquidity pool | 24/7 marketing | x1000Gem 🚀

PrinceFloki Rewards Contract

Earn $Floki token by holding PrinceFloki.

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Initial Liquidity Provided will be locked with Pinksale for 1 year. Max sells are limited to 1% of supply to avoid dumps.

The chat is opened, feel to ask the owner or administration staff any questions, they will be more than happy to assist you.

Additional info

PrinceFloki is a reflections token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PrinceFloki brings passive income for all holders. Simply hold $PrinceFloki tokens and get rewarded in $Floki on every transaction! With the auto-reward feature, you’ll receive both $Floki and $Cake automatically into your wallet every 60 minutes. If you find that you have NOT received any tokens, this could be due to low volume of transactions. Once they increase, the reward will be sent out.


Contract: 0x9278b4e4b62ddec2419720f8c3731e70f27eb788

Buy Here:

LP Locked:

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2022.01.17 19:23 MissIvonneAUT I have face tattoos(they're stupid don't do it) AMA

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2022.01.17 19:23 Personal_Ask_73 Voosh saving EJ from State Mind Control

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2022.01.17 19:23 madgoblins MAD GOBLINS - It's not just a cool collection ...

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2022.01.17 19:23 SavingsAmphibian [WTB] bcm fde bcg $225+ (FL)

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2022.01.17 19:23 -WhoSentYou- Can you help me identify this ignition noise? (audio within). Thank you!

I'd appreciate some help! I just got a (used) 2009 Honda Accord with 100k miles on it; it passed a pre-purchase inspection and seems to be in really good shape except for one weird detail I can't figure out.
When I start the car, there's often a noise...I don't know how to describe it. It's like a brief rattle that comes afterwards, an extra rumble at the end that's distinctly different from the normal ignition sound. This sound doesn't appear every time you start the car (which is why the inspector didn't catch it), but happens at least once a day. I suspect it may be likelier when the car hasn't been started for a while (e.g., first thing in the a.m. vs when you come back to the car after an hour), but not sure.
I showed a recording to the mechanic when I took it in for an oil change and transmission service and he said it sounded like maybe the oil pressure was low, even though the amount of oil was fine. He said maybe the sound would stop after the new oil change, but it hasn't and he kinda shrugged.
I've had other Accords in the past and none of them had this sound come right after the ignition. Sometimes the "rattle/rumble" is really short, sometimes it's longer and louder. Here are two audio clips of it (I'm not accelerating or doing anything other than just turning the ignition); I couldn't figure out how to attach audio, so I put it on Soundcloud:
I'd love any guidance on this because I'm stumped! Thanks so much.
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2022.01.17 19:23 regian24 Luckiest cyclist ever

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2022.01.17 19:23 umsrsly My journey with spondylitis (positive story)

My journey with spondylitis (positive story) I just wanted to share a positive story, hoping it will encourage those who are going through the pain of spondylitis.
The day after Thanksgiving, 2019, my right knee randomly started swelling to the point that I couldn't stand on it. My wife had to pick up crutches for me from Walmart. Clearly, I must've hurt my knee carrying my two sons (1.5 and 3 at the time) up and down the stairs. The Monday after Thanksgiving, I was lucky enough to see an ortho who drained my knee - I filled three syringes. I got an MRI that only found a very small chondral defect on my medial femoral condyle. Not large enough to cause the pain I was experiencing. The ortho got the lab results back from my synovial fluid, and it showed an odd makeup of WBCs (I forget the details now), but he said it's suggestive of something inflammatory and that I should see a rheumatologist.
Being a 35-year-old in denial, I didn't see a rheumatologist until February. My rheumy pulled the normal labs of CRP, sed rate, etc. and found I had a CRP of 2 and a sed rate of 16. She also found that my pubic symphysis was completely ankylosed. This was enough for her to diagnose me with seronegative undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy. Thinking back to my past, I had all the signs of getting flares - I'd battle bouts of metatarsalgia where I could barely walk when I'd start a running routine, I had horrible hip pain when I ran track and played football and basketball in HS. I would always just pop Aleve or Ibuprofen to fight it.
Back to Feb 2020, I could barely walk 50 m. Every time I put weight on my right leg, I would wince in pain. I definitely couldn't walk inclines or declines. My rheumy prescribed Humira (40 mg every 2 weeks). I was really worried to take it, but I was in so much pain that I decided to give it a shot. The first dose was 3/5/20. The next day was amazing. I didn't realize how much pain I had in my neck, my spine, and all my joints until I felt what it felt like to not have the pain. It was the most amazing feeling of my life (other than maybe sex). It felt like sitting in a hot tub minus the feeling sweaty part. My knee still felt unstable, but there was substantially less pain. I could stop taking NSAIDs immediately.
At this point, I was determined to start walking. My leg muscles had atrophied quite a bit. I heard that movement and exercise help reduce inflammatory markers, so I decided to start walking regularly.
Here is a screenshot of my first walk:
Check out that blazing pace of 36'19\" per mile .. haha
At this point, I had to muster all my strength to step off a curb, hoping I wouldn't hyperextend my knee. I was determined to push past this. Oh yeah, then the lockdowns happened. Here is a walk from 1 month later:
A better pace than a month ago, but still much slower than I wanted to be going
I committed to walking 3 days a week for 30 minutes and doing some bodyweight exercises (pullups, etc.) for 3 days a week. 4 months later, I was finally starting to pick up speed:
Now that's a much better pace
One thing I noticed was that the more I moved and exercised, the better I felt. I decided that in 2021 I would start trying to incorporate some (gasp) running into my walking routines. I also decided to try for 10,000 steps per day on average. How did that go?
Notice how my steps began to increase in May. There were days where my knee hurt, but I was convinced that walking and running were helping decrease inflammation. I felt the most in shape that I've felt since high school. I decided at my younger son's 3 year birthday (May) that I would start training for a 5k. Note the uptick in steps per month at that point.
It started going so well that in July/August I decided to give my spondyloarthropathy the middle finger and train for a half-marathon. The longest race I'd ever run in my life was a 5k. I'm athletic, but I was always a sprinter (100 m and 200 m). I could never run more than 5k because I would always get horrible foot and hip joint pain (thanks to my untreated spondy).
Well, yesterday was my half-marathon, and I finished. I completed it in 2:09. I finished in the top half of my age/gender group. I came from walking 36-minute miles to running 9:50 miles for 13 miles straight.
Spondy was a devastating diagnosis. I cried daily. I worried that I would never be able to play ball with my kids. I hated that I couldn't play on the floor with my toddlers due to being in such intense pain.
In an odd way, spondy also gave me lots of positives. I appreciate every moment I can move without pain. I pushed myself to a level of fitness that I've never achieved in my entire life. I take advantage of every day to move as much as possible because through movement I can keep my disease at bay ... and through movement, I'm just a happier person with less anxiety.
I really hope that I can break 2 hrs for my next half-marathon. I may run one in December of next year. Until then, best wishes to anyone dealing with an autoimmune condition. The struggle is real. Never give up.
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2022.01.17 19:22 Madisyn2829 What is a natural birth like?

What is a natural birth like? If you’ve had one
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2022.01.17 19:22 adjustthesail43 43 (F4M) UK Looking for fun and friendly chat. Easy going, drama free :-)

Would like to find a friend to chat with during the day/evening when we are available. Not looking for a relationship or to be in touch 24/7. Just someone to have fun conversation with and hopefully keep each other entertained and break up the day!
I like a laugh, I'm not easily offended and happy to talk about most things (flirting is fine too if we have that kind of connection) but I want to be honest and say I am not the friend for you if you are here because you need support. Really hope you find someone, but it's not me x
I enjoy all the usual home stuff like binge watching Netflix. Usually crime dramas or anything along the lines of Black Mirror. Sense of humour wise I love Kevin Bridges and Ricky Gervais. I enjoy getting out walking or for a run and nights out with my friends when I get the chance.
Not particularly exciting I know! But if you are bored and fancy a chat sometime then drop me a message and we'll see if we have anything else in common and maybe we can make each other smile at least and go from there :-)
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2022.01.17 19:22 ashotofbaileys Where to play pickup basketball in Fort Worth? I used to go to the Y in Granbury but it’s kind of far for me. Thanks.

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2022.01.17 19:22 Smart-Star-1471 Baby Gigi, Mika, (pit bull) Chip (cat)

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2022.01.17 19:22 tms1994 RT @BillLaboon: THREAD - @Polkadot #PolkadotDigest 17 Jan 2022 #Polkadot News Last Digest mentioned that the third of five auctions of th…

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2022.01.17 19:22 psteiger Wrong animation applied when navigating using `popUpTo`

I'm experiencing a issue and I don't know if it's a bug in the navigation component or I just misunderstand it.
I have the following fragments navigation flow:
A -> B -> C
A navigates to B with an action configured with slide in from right enter animation (app:enterAnim) and slide out to left exit animation (app:exitAnim). That works OK.
B navigates to C with the app:popUpTo="A" configuration, and it has an action for navigating to C using a fade in enter animation (app:enterAnim) and fade out exit animation (app:exitAnim). However, when running, the exit animation for B is actually the "slide out to left" animation set in the previous action! Removing the app:popUpTo="A" makes it work as expected (fade in enter, fade out exit).
I'm using Navigation 2.4.0-RC01, also tested with 2.3.5.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Here's the full navigation graph:

Here's the animations.
Fade in:
Fade out:
Slide in from right:
Slide out to left:
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2022.01.17 19:22 MajinOver9000 GroupMe Link for LGST 207?

Title, looking to form a group as per the class requirements :).
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2022.01.17 19:22 Winter_Tomorrow5016 I need help for complete 1st platoon, im not sure who add

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2022.01.17 19:22 em8956 To all the redditors that make over 100k, what do you do?

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